Wine and Dine

What is the similarity between these three scenarios?

1. Dinner is ready, the smell of fresh rolls and a perfectly baked roast fills the home. The family gathers and dinner is enjoyed together.

2. Family is in town, so you host a little get together. You spend hours talking, laughing, and making memories.

3. Game night! Family and friends congregate to get their competitive side ON! Laughing and excitement fill the home as everyone lingers for hours.


Many of our favorite memories are spent together around the DINING TABLE. What a special place to enjoy time together and keep such extraordinary memories stored around one simple piece of furniture.

Although a dining table will be used year ‘round, it’s safe to say that the Holidays are the perfect time to splurge on a new dining table and chairs.

Lets dive into 8 of our most popular dining pieces!


1. The Evans Oval Dining Table:

Using mixed materials, the classic tulip shape of this table is recast with a burnt oak. The oval top is banded in polished brass steel with exposed nail heads to give it some style and class.

Dimensions: W: 98.5” D: 51.25” H: 30.75”


2. The Geo Trestle Table:

This table has an organic and modern look. The wood finishes are light and expressive, and have an unsurpassed clarity, depth and color richness. Two 20” leaves are included.

Dimensions: W: 84” D: 44” H: 30” (without leaves)


3. The Archer Dining Table:

This table is full of rich and weighty drama. The dark-brown elm is intricately outlined, recalling the ornate curves and arches of antique cathedrals. A smooth, plank-style surface stays simple to host plenty of guests. One of our favorite seating options to pair with this is the Archer Bench that measures 120″ and fits PERFECTLY under the table.

Dimensions: W: 94” D: 42” H: 30”


4. The Trestle Dining Table:

Through hand-craftsmanship such as rubbing and padding, the finish of this table feels as good as it looks, with a smoothness that is delightful to the touch. The rail system makes it easy to add and remove the two 21” leaves that are included. This table can accommodate up to 6 guests without leaves, and 10 guests with leaves.

Dimensions: W: 90” D: 44.25” H: 30.25” (without leaves)


5. The Baker Dining Chair:

This soft, thick goatskin hide gives the chair a feminine and natural feel. It has an Oakwood frame in a shape that resembles a modern look.


6. The Reilly Dining Chair:

This chair embodies a rustic chic look made with rubber wood and rustic beach grey linen front. The tufted backing and nail head accents gives it a look you won’t find elsewhere.


7. The Ellie Dining Chair:

This elegant chair with stonewash print is the perfect accent or end chair for a beautiful dining scene.


8. The Ripley Dining Chair:

This new take on the mid-century modern chair has a bowed, sculptural silhouette. A soft, black finish adds movement to the wood by highlighting the natural grain of weathered oak.


Contact us to meet with one of our amazing designers! We have a talented team that can help you choose the perfect dining table for your space.


With Love,