The Alison Show Home Design with Gatehouse no.1

It’s no secret that we adore Alison Faulkner of @thealisonshow (if you don’t follow her on instagram yet, do! You won’t regret it!). She’s a creative genius when it comes to well, just about everything! Cookies (check out her cookie party class here), Parties (see her easy-to-use downloadable party packs here), and lounging on tables ;).

We’ve been lucky to have her speak and teach at a few Gatehouse events over the last couple years and we just can’t get enough. So when time came for her to tackle the design of her Mid-century Modern home, we wanted in!

Follow along as we help Alison and her husband, Eric, navigate the design process from start to finish. This weeks episode tackles a common design hang-up among couples: differing design preferences.