Summer Evenings with Performance Furniture

Happy Summer Solstice!

With warmer evenings comes outdoor dinner parties, BBQ’s, evening soirees, pool parties, and more! With performance fabrics, you’ll be able to truly relax knowing your fabric can withstand stains, water, and use.

LEE Industries takes performance fabrics seriously! They test colors, dyes, durability, and wear. They stand by their products and we stand by LEE. Check out this video of them testing the durability and clean up of one of their chairs they left underwater in a lake for two weeks! It’s pretty impressive >

LEE Outdoor Chair in Lake

Your outside furniture should look just as good as your indoor furniture! Which is why we made sure our 2019 Parade of Homes house #19theberkshires had the best outdoor furniture that was both functional and beautiful.

The color inspiration for the patio furniture draws from staples we used indoors: desaturated pinks and clean neutrals. However, with the furniture being outside, it was a great opportunity to introduce some playful patterns with stripes and bias pillow flange.

LEE Performance Fabrics Are:

Slipcover Washable
Stain Resistant
Fade Resistant

Each fabric used was hand selected at our 10,000 square foot show room. It makes all the difference being able to hold each fabric in your hand test out different combinations. We’ll even do a stain test for you to show how amazing these fabrics really are! The custom furniture options are endless, ensuring you’ll find the perfect piece for your outdoor needs.

Here are some of our favorites by LEE Industries:

When rainy summer storms catch you by surprise, don’t fear! You can order custom weather covers to fit each individual piece great for winter or storage!

Private Residence
Home Builder: Mike Deuel of Shelby Homes
Custom Furniture Design, Accessories & Styling : Gatehouse no.1
Photography: Rebekah Westover