Private residence
Designer: Chelsea Kasch
Furniture: Gatehouse no.1
Photography: Rebekah Westover

Our GH Design team just returned from Atlanta market and we are thrilled about upcoming trends for the 2019 year. One thing we couldn’t get enough of was all the green! From velvet furniture to botanical prints to live (or faux) greens sprinkling about, it’s clear that 2019 will be featuring this gorgeous hue any way it can! One of our favorite ways to incorporate greens into a space is through natural elements (or in our case: FAUX florals). When we see the color green in plants and nature, it acts as a neutral. Therefore, bringing green into your current color pallet is made simple! We suggest starting big! Our favorite plant right now is the fiddle leaf fig. However, if you’ve tried your green thumb with a real fiddle leaf fig you know how fickle they are. Fiddle leaf figs are infamous for getting sick and dying. We prefer the faux variety (and our giving away one on our GH instagram account right now! Find us on instagram at @gatehouseno1 for full details). To complete the look add something small, like a succulent. Some of our favorite places to feature smaller greens is on coffee tables and ottomans, shelves, and smaller tables and vanities. Adding this gorgeous hue to your home is sure to liven up any space!