Riverside Country Club

Commercial Project

Client: Riverside Country Club Orem, Utah
Custom Furniture, Styling, & Accessorizing: Gatehouse no.1
Photography: Rebekah Westover

What started as a room refresh for Riverside Country Club’s “Club Room” quickly turned into a complete re-design for the country club that’s been around since the 1950’s. “We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Riverside Country Club. Our design process started with one main goal: have the design reflect the type of experiences one has at Riverside Country Club with elevated beauty and professionalism while using the best of performance fabrics.” says Stephanie Holdaway, owner of Gatehouse no.1 and principle designer on the Riverside project.  “We want the Country Club to be a place you can come and relax, feel at home, while still having the elevated and luxurious experience they’ve become known for.”

The club room

Business meetings took place at the country club’s bistro (over delicious meals of course!) as well as Gatehouse’ 10,000 square foot showroom and studio. We started working with the board and management to refresh the furniture in the club room.  The entire club was very dark with a very strong warm color palette of reds, deep golds, and olive greens a heavy textures and patterns that were stating to fade, look dingy, and much of the furnishings were starting to break or wear down. 

By developing a neutral color palette in the furniture it allowed an instant update without having to do more expensive refurbishments like paint, carpet or wall treatments. Gorgeous performance fabrics and finishes were picked, custom furniture was ordered, and not a single detail was overlooked. 


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The Lobby

The Bistro and lobby was the next phase- we changed out the dark rust colored fabric on the ceilings and booths to a natural grass cloth wall paper in a flax tone and fabrics that again blended with the beauty of the surrounding grounds outside.


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Parley’s Bistro

The bistro is more casual than the rest of the club and we wanted to give it a more modern cafe look.  By using steel and leather cantilever chairs and mixed wood tables along with clean, modern accessories and potted greens – this space cane together for a fun, relaxed and casual aesthetic.


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Main Dining

The inspiration of colors comes from the building and surrounding view and wanting to connect the inside with its natural surroundings creating a seamless back drop for any setting inside or out.  We used tones from the sky including cloudy grays, steel blues, a mixture of off whites. We added depth through natural elements of nature through leather, sandy textured fabrics, wood, stones and fresh greens throughout.


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The Founders Room began to take shape and play off of the same color palette that started it all allowing rich neutrals to flow from room to room.  Because of the neutrality of the new pieces it made it easy to do things in phases without disrupting or clashing with the rest of the club.  As each new area was completed you could hear the buzz and excitement for this fresh new feel and look and within a few more months the rest of the club continued to take shape into what it is now.


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From the comfort that greets you when you walk into the lobby, to the leather office chairs that surround the board table, we couldn’t be happier with the final results!  “Some projects you really fall in love with, Riverside Country Club is no exception. Which is why we’ve moved our quarterly meetings there! We can’t get enough of the space, and the chef Salmon!”