Picture Perfect


3D renderings: Joseph Ward of Homewardesign
Home Builder: Shelby Homes
Furniture & Design, Accessories & Styling : Gatehouse no.1
Design Finish Coordinator: Chelsea Kasch
Photography: Rebekah Westover Interiors

We were blown away when we first saw the 3D renderings by Joseph Ward of Homewardesign They are so realistic, we thought they were actual photographs! Joseph does amazing work creating 3D renderings of floors plans before ground is even broken, giving clients a visual of their dreams so they can plan for the finished product before the building begins. This is extremely helpful for the clients, builders, and designers because we all speak a visual language and seeing these renderings helps formulate plans much easier than a blueprint. They also allowed for the clients, designers, and builders to make adjustments. Some finals products turned out so close to the renderings, it’s uncanny! Others, like the bedroom, were changed dramatically in furniture and design. How realistic are the renderings?! See for yourself

*simply drag the slider left to right to see the 3D renderings (left) and the finished product (right).


If you’ve been dreaming of your future home, we can’t recommend Joseph Ward enough! He was a joy to work with and played a crucial role in the success of this project. Check out his work here: homewardesigns.com