Performance Fabric at it’s Best

Private Residence
Home Builder: Mike Deuel of Shelby Homes
Custom Furniture Design, Accessories & Styling : Gatehouse no.1
Home Interior Finishes: Chelsea Kasch & Rachel Folkman
Photography: Rebekah Westover & Claire White

Each fabric used in our 2019 Utah Valley Parade home was hand selected at our 10,000 square foot show room. For areas of high traffic or use, we opted for PERFORMANCE FABRICS. Performance Fabrics work hard so you don’t have to! They’ve come a long way from being exclusive to outdoor settings, the options are endless making the choice to use performance fabrics in spaces like dining, kitchen, living rooms, and more, an easy one! Visit our showroom store to see these fabrics for yourself! It makes all the difference being able to hold each fabric in your hand test out different combinations. We’ll even do a stain test for you to show how amazing these fabrics really are! The custom furniture options are endless, ensuring you’ll find the perfect piece for your both indoor and outdoor needs.