The Perfect Pair: 5 reasons to add a dream duo to your design!

At Gatehouse no.1 we love creating spaces that are just as lovely as they are functional. Which is why we often opt for a pair of chairs for your home. Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider a pair when finding the perfect chair:


Two is better than one
A pair of chairs can add the same seating options as a loveseat or smaller sofa, so why choose chairs? The visual impact of two of the same item can create stability and asymmetry to your design, overall creating more visual interest.


Small but mighty
Chairs, by nature, are smaller. Which means their frames, fabric, and overall design are easier to go bold with. You may not want a full pin-striped sectional. But a chair or two with that impressive fabric can still pack a punch without feeling as risky. Go bold! Add your happy color! Pick pieces that start a conversation.


Sit Back & Relax
Enter: the swivel chair/recliner. Because of their smaller frames, chairs can come with all the bells and whistles that stationary sofas and loveseats can’t. Have a conversation space that also features an amazing view? The swivel chair can play both parts, not to mention you’ll fee like a boss spinning around in your chair. Need a bit more comfort? Choose a recliner that both looks and sits amazing!


Double Duty
We are all looking for ways to kill two birds with one stone. A pair of chairs does just that. Not only can it provide ample seating but they are extremely versatile in spaces. When expanding your dining for extra guests, use a pair of upholstered chairs as captains chairs. If a corner is looking a little lonely, add a chair, throw, and lamp and you’v got yourself the ideal reading nook. You’ll find so many uses for your perfect pair you’ll want do double up on your dream duos all throughout the house.


Make it happen
Right now is the perfect time to add a duet of chairs to your space! Our #GHgivesback event is going on now-July 31st. Save on custom upholstery orders and feel extra good while you do it: A portion of proceeds will be donated to Encircle, a LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center in our local community.