Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Gatehouse No.1

Mother’s day is THIS SUNDAY and we are here to help you find the perfect gift!

The No.1 trick to giving the perfect gift is to make it personal and unique for the individual. Consider what qualities you love most about your mom. Does she make the world’s best chicken noodle soup? Is she the one who always brings everyone together? Does she have impeccable class and style? Start with the thing you love most about mom and go from there! Need extra help? Check out our gift guide below or visit our store for a hassle-free gift that is perfectly curated, wrapped, and ready to impress!


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For the Mom with a (faux) green thumb:

For the Mom on the go:


For the Mom who deserves to be pampered

(AKA: all moms!)

For EVERY Mom:

Our No.1 favorite scent, Volcano, by Capri Blue.
*We have yet to find someone who doesn’t LOVE this candle. And how great is this seasonal edition in PINK!?

For the nostalgic Mom:

Flowers and a picture frame. *Bonus points if you include an old photo!

For the world-traveling Mom:

For the Mom with amazing style:

For the Mom who has everything:

A Gatehouse no.1 Giftcard!