Mirror, Mirror

A question we get asked from time to time is how to design in smaller spaces. While we have loads of tips for optimizing form & function in smaller spaces, one of our tried and true tips is to use mirrors.

Mirrors work wonders! They not only mirror space making it appear larger than it really is, but they reflect light. Light helps spaces to feel more roomy and luxurious while darker spaces tend to feel more crowded and stuffy.

Check out some of the mirrors we used in our 2019 @uvparade of Homes Home #19theberkshires

Private Residence
Home Builder: Mike Deuel of Shelby Homes
Custom Furniture Design, Accessories & Styling : Gatehouse no.1
Design Finish Coordinator: Chelsea Kasch & Rachel Folkman
Photography: Rebekah Westover & Claire White

Mirrors in Corners

Mirrors are a great way to expand expand space! We love this folding glass mirror in the master bedroom corner. It opens up the space and reflects the incoming light from the gorgeous windows.

Mirrors in Hallways

Hallways are often overlooked but they can be a great space to showcase mirrors and art. We recommend trying out mirrors in pairs for an even more dramatic effect.

Mirrors as Art

Mirrors can serve double duty! Look for mirrors with interesting and unique frames. We loved the golden branches in this mirror and knew it would go perfectly in the glam bedroom.

Mirrors in Basements

Basements usually get less natural light than other floors. Using mirrors in basements reflects both light and space making the rooms feel larger and brighter.

Statement Mirrors

When considering mirrors in obvious spaces like bathrooms, think outside the box! Consider mirrors that bring more to the table than reflection. We loved this lucite and gold mirror and knew it was just the thing to bring a little extra edge to the main-floor powder bathroom.