Hottest Home Design Trends

Featured in the 2019 Spring issue of Utah Style & Design Magazine, Gatehouse’s Parade home was the star of the show. Brad Mee, Utah Style & Design Editor-in-chief gave his tips on incorporating today’s hottest trends into your home.








1. Brave Use of Color – Use shots of color to enliven rooms. Play it up against a neutral background or use vivid colors with soft pastels. Yellow-green is the color to watch.

2. Natural Wood Finishes – Mix it up by pairing dark and light wood tones in a single room or setting. Try warm honey wood tones to give a more natural look than dark ebony woods of the past. Watch for horizontal graining.

3. Pattern Play – Wall tile and wallpaper serve as big design statements. Or take the boldness to the floor with patterned tiles or solid tiles laid in eye-catching designs.

4. Small Space Living – Make a little room look and feel large by using reflective surfaces, light and airy furnishing, and smart storage.

5. Distinctive Lighting Fixtures – Bring a new brightness to your space with singularly sensational lights. Chandeliers, pendants and sconces can serve as key design elements in a range of rooms, from kitchen to bath.

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