Gorgeous Greens

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Whether or not you prefer to wear green (be careful, you might get pinched today if you don’t), I think we can all agree that every home needs a touch of the earthy hue!

In fact, we can’t help but add a little bit here or there in just about every room in the store! Here are some of our favorite “Gorgeous Green Moments” happening on the showroom floor right now! As always, we invite you to come see it for yourself, and maybe pick up a little accessory or two to add this lovely color, and a bit of life to your home :)

Green & Gold
The luck of the Irish is sure to be on your side with this glam duo!

Green is a color of energy. If you have a trouble space, or the word “boring” comes to mind, no fear! Nothing a little touch of green can’t spruce up!

Green Thumb
It’s a new age for faux plants! We carry a large variety of convincingly live-looking flowers and greenery. You’ll be fooling everyone into thinking you have a green-thumb!

Emerald & Floral Print
Every color has it’s complimenting companion. We like a play off of the traditional complimentary colors (green & red) by adding a pop (or two or three) of fuchsia for a sophisticated and feminine feel.

Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme
Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of green! Tip: start with a neutral base and keep other colors to a minimum.

Flora & Fauna
Bring a little life into your home with plants & animals! *don’t worry, you can accomplish this without REAL flora & fauna: think artwork, fragrances, succulents, and more. Accessorizing is the easiest way to bring this lovely hue into your home!

Come visit the store for more gorgeous greens!

Photography by the ever-talented: Rebekah Westover