May 26, 2012

Ballooning and Festooning

As you know, we have been celebrating all month during our “Sweet May Days” Event.  And now the party just got even better (and bigger) thanks to my favorite balloon girls Heather and Megan from My Big Balloon.  Take a look at what we now have on our front porch at GateHouse no.1:

WHAT FUN–and I ask you, what is more fun than GI-Normous, Colorful Balloons?! I will tell you what:  GI-Normous, Colorful Balloons adorned with layers of colorful tassel garlands and metallic fringe cascading down to the end of the string!

These are from my dear friends Heather and Megan from My Big Balloon.  Find out more and how to order them here.  Stop by and see our balloons for yourself at the store all this week  as we wind up our final days of the May Sale.

I know my kids are already begging for a few of these at their next birthday party, and I am thinking of how much fun one can have with these spectacular creations.  Can you just imagine having one of these hand delivered to your hubby’s office, your child’s class room or your friend’s front door?

Picture how beautiful these big balloons would be lining the path toward a garden wedding, graduation celebration, family reunion, block party, or ___?  What fun events are you hosting in the next few months?  Whatever they are, may they be filled with fun.

HAPPY SUMMER!!  -Stephanie