March 04, 2019


Have you seen our newest Good Things Utah feature? We are talking color trends for 2019 and you don’t want to miss it!

Achieved by infusing gray and creaming whites into all colors. They gray mixed in mutes, mattes, and ground the more traditional form of colors. These colors are calming, fretting, and rich. Some of our favorites include:

  • sage greens
  • steel & misty blues
  • clay pinks

TIP: Bring in subdued warm tones like caramel leathers and wood tones to keep things from going too pastel.


Happy, fun colors that are associated with optimism. We are loving:

  • yellows
  • bright oranges
  • reds

FUN FACT: Pantone Color Institute chose “Living Coral” as the 2019 color of the year saying this color represents “playful expression and our innate need for optimism”.


Saturated dark and moody jewel colors that resemble gemstones. Try incorporating these bold colors into your look:

  • Emerald Greens
  • Wine
  • Ruby Reds
  • Deep (almost black) Blues
  • Rich Magenta

TIP: Jewel tones really shine when paired with metallics! Try gold, nickel, bronze, and even mixing multiple metals together.


These are the colors of nature! Organic and raw, they draw from greenery, woods, and earthy textures.

  • Mushroom (grays with a tint of color)
  • Mossy Greens
  • Bold Browns

TRY THIS: naturally incorporate these colors in accessories through greens (our favorites are faux plants!), woods in frames and trays, and metallics.