February 17, 2011

Blog Giveaway

We are excited to announce our first EVER GateHouse Blog GIVE AWAY!  



What’s your favorite item? Send your photo and WIN!

It is called “My Favorite Things” because it will highlight all of YOUR GateHouse furniture & design favorites from YOUR home.
We came up with this concept because one of OUR favorite parts of working at GateHouse is when you bring “show & tell” in to us on your cameras and cell phones proudly showing us how you have taken the items, ideas, and peices you have acquired at our store and incorporated and sometimes reinterpreted it to fit and beautify your spaces.  We know you will love getting to share your ideas with others as well as getting a sneak peek into other’s homes and seeing how they have brought GateHouse Style into their lives.

The more photos and ideas we get from you, the more fun this will be for ALL.  So get busy, send in those photos and tell us why you have chosen this item, display, or entire room as your Favorite.  Then, everyone has the chance to vote for their favorite and choose a winner for a $100 GateHouse Gift Cerfiicate.

It is easy to get started, just follow these simple steps to enter:

Step 1 -Go to the GateHouse no. 1 page and LIKE us:

Step 2 -Upload a photo of your favorite item you’ve purchased at GateHouse (a.k.a. Evans Frontier Store) on our wall.

Step 3 -Tell us in the comment why you love it so much! Enter right away, so you don’t miss out on getting your photos posted.

How to WIN: The post with the most “LIKES” wins a $100.00 Gatehouse Gift Certificate!!

It’s that simple!

So, upload your photo, and be sure to tell ALL your friends to go and like your post!

Questions? E-mail us. Have fun and good luck!