Arizona Groves

Private Arizona Residence
Home Remodel: Kin Design @_kindesign_
Custom Furniture Design, Accessories & Styling by Lori Mitchell & Joelle Nelson of Gatehouse no.1
Photography: Averi Black @averimichellphoto
Furniture Delivery: IDR Arizona White Glove delivery



the pool house

“We love working with amazing clients. It was truly a joy to work our magic on this house and turn it into the home this family deserves.” -Joelle

The Arizona Groves project started miles away, in Orem Utah, at our Gatehouse showroom. Like many of our projects, it began with a simple visit to our 10,000 square foot store and design center. That visit turned into a design meeting where Lori Mitchell and Joelle Nelson, senior designers at Gatehouse no.1 met with the clients to talk about their home in Arizona.

Kitchen & Dining Room


The initial meeting we were able to discuss the goals and purpose of the home. It’s all about asking good questions and listening to the client’s needs. The home had to be very family friendly and practical, but still maintain elegance with furniture pieces that highlighted it’s natural beauty.”- Lori

After the first meeting, the design team presented room plans with mood boards, fabrics, and furniture options. Even though this project was a quick turn-around (3 months!) custom furniture was a must! Because this home houses an active family, Crypton fabrics by LEE Industries were a must! From the pool room to the sectionals, curated Crypton fabrics were selected giving the client’s peace of mind to live in comfort. Custom pieces were chosen, ordered, and delivered to a White Glove warehouse within 6-8 weeks.



“You spend so much time building a custom home with custom details, the custom furniture aspect matches that quality. The house deserved custom. Custom furniture often sounds like a long and taxing process, but at Gatehouse, the process is simple, it’s our bread and butter!  With endless fabrics and finishes at our fingertips, and floor models to sample, customers can go custom without worry.” -Joelle 

Color schemes were laid back neutrals with subtle colors throughout. Emphasizing the gorgeous surrounding citrus groves, designers worked to bring natural elements in to the historic remodeled home with textures that mirrored the landscape and lots of plants. Listening to details like one child’s love of animals, allowed for bedroom individualized bedroom inspiration.


“It’s one thing to design for a home, and a completely different thing to design for a home that is a state away. But with specific measurements and photos, we were able to choose pieces that perfectly fit the specifications. When clients trust us, the end result is gorgeous.” -Lori

The home furniture design process was started and completed within 3 months! Lori and Joelle flew out to make sure each detail was perfected in the installation process. We were thrilled to be able to create this home for such an amazing family!