7 Tips for a Cozy Winter

Have you heard of Hygge?!

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is a Danish word meant to describe coziness and contentment. It’s been adopted by people around the world, especially during colder winter months, to add intentional coziness to the home. We’ve been practicing Hygge at Gatehouse for years without even knowing it! You know the first of January when all the Christmas decor is put away and everything is cleaned up and it feels really good for about 5 minutes and then it starts to feel very empty? That’s where the intentional coziness (or Hygge!) comes in! Here’s our top 7 tips for adding it to your home this season:


Who doesn’t love a furry pillow, fuzzy throw, and knobby rug?! Adding textural elements to your space is a great way to add depth and to fill in those blanks that Christmas decor left behind.

GH tip: mix and match your textures! We love a combo of metallics, woods, woven pillows, and furry throws!


This may come as a surprise to some, but darker, moodier colors, don’t actually darken a space! Dark colors add contrast and reflect that winter light oh-so-beautifully! Add drapes, bring in darker fabrics in pillows and drapes, and tie it all in with dark, rich accessories.

GH tip: feeling brave? Paint or wallpaper a wall in a dark hue! We love our feature wall in our showroom entry, and have used the same idea in client homes with great success! You’ll be amazed at the warmth darker tones bring to your space!



Just as you bundle up with layers before you leave the house, bundle up your home! Blankets, pillows, poufs, and throws are the perfect tools to add that extra bit of coziness around the home. The key is to layer it up! Maybe add an extra pillow or two, drape a throw across a chair back, pull out the extra rugs!

GH tip: Keep a textural basket of spare blankets near your sofa during the colder months. The invitation to cuddle up will keep you, your family, and guests, engaged in good conversation longer! Bonus: the basket adds an unexpected textural element to the room!

  1.  BOOKS

Nothing reads “snuggle up with a good book” than having a stack of books literally in reach! We love larger coffee books stacked on an coffee table or ottoman.

GH tip: Display books you love! Not only will this help you engage better with your space, but books are great conversation pieces for when guests visit!


As the winter days get shorter, our need for good lighting increases! We love adding extra lamps and lighting to our spaces in these darker, colder months to add light and warmth. Don’t be afraid to mix metals! We love a combination of silver and antique brass!

GH tip: We love faux flicker candles! They create a warm ambiance and the best part: they can be set on a timer so you don’t even have to think about turning them on or off!



Who doesn’t love snuggling up in a big leather chair for a winter’s nap? Leather brings a much needed warmth to spaces in winter months.

GH tip: Not ready for the leather sofa? Consider other ways to bring leather into your home: pillows, bar stools, accessories, and more!


When you no longer want to go outside (brrrrr!) Bring the outside IN! Reclaimed or warm wood furniture, wood trays, wood exposed chairs are a great way to bring in that natural element. The key is to pair with metallics, acrylics, and velvets to avoid an overly rustic vibe.  

GH tip: We are for real about the Faux Real plants! You don’t have to water them and they look gorgeous year-round!