May 17, 2012

Style File: A bit on Area Rugs

The Gray Collection

Top 5 Reasons every room should have a rug:

1. Rugs define your space by creating a visual border, making the room warm and inviting.

2. Rugs complete a room by anchoring the furniture to create a more grounded feeling.

3. Rugs add color, sizzle, pattern, and interest.  It is like beautiful, original, artwork on your floor.

4. Rugs absorb sound. Think about it, noise reduction is huge in making a room feel complete and comfortable.

5. Rugs add warmth, cushion, and softness under your feet for a more inviting surface to lay, play, or just wiggle your toes on.

So there you have it, if you still aren’t sure of all the benefits area rugs can be to every room, scroll both up and down on today’s post and look at each of the photos. Try to imagine each of the rooms without the rug. Also, notice that visually the rug in each photo adds a dramatic element of pattern and color that literally MAKE the room.

The Pow Wow rug
Pow Wow WOW

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