February 15, 2017

Modern Revival

A throwback that’s updated with gold and graphic-patterned fabric. This is Art Deco at its best with an element of old Hollywood glam. The modern lines, gold metal frame, and high-design graphic pattern allow these chairs to stand on their own or blend well into any environment. The perfect pair. When seating is a must, we love the option of a pair of chairs. It gives you the same seating as a loveseat, but it’s more versatile and adds much more interest because they allow the introduction of more fabric and texture. Chairs work great side by side or can be separated for a different layout. Most of all, we love the unique styles and personalities that chairs offer. These beauties are the perfect example of form meets function. The cushion-back evokes comfort while the geometric legs scream “design!” We especially love them in this art deco fabric that has just the right amount of pattern without stealing the whole show.