June 17, 2013

Design Trends 2013: Still Singing the Blues


We all love blue and it is not going anywhere!  All shades are important and very much in  style, from sky blue to navy and every tone in between.


Blue pairs well with so many other colors and shades while bringing a sense of calm and serenity—which is what being at home is all about. We love adding splashes of blue accents in everything from painted chests and striped pillows, to chairs and window treatments in order to offset our favorite neutrals.


In fact, Monaco Blue is Pantone’s color for spring and continues another design trend, which is adding in vibrant color—especially through bold and graphic patterns.

Something like the indigo blue bombay chest (pictured below) or turquoise crackle chest, both from Hooker Furniture, can bring in the blue without replacing everything in the entire room.


Bring color into your space with accent items and accessories, such as area rugs, lamps, and end tables.


Stop by our store to check out some beautiful blue accents or come and see our Parade of Homes entry at #14 Miller Residence.  Snap a photo and enter our giveaway while you’re there and receive an automatic 20% off any accessory purchase through June 24th!