February 12, 2018

Block Restaurant

Meet our Lee Loves Local Sponsors and Vendors!!


Block Restaurant is a brand new local joint, serving the people of Provo and beyond with their “bright, clean flavors”. It is quickly becoming a town favorite as they create their dishes using “sustainable, locally sourced ingredients while building lasting relationships with local farmers, purveyors, and artisans.”

The owners Erika and Jason are a darling couple, with a beautiful family of 4 children. They have always had a passion for entertaining. In fact, “They believe that relationships are created through the communion of food. That when you feed people, you are putting your heart and soul into it and sharing that piece of yourself with others.” Erika loves to watch her kids create in the kitchen and hopes to instill that same passion for food in them. According to their kids, it is Erika’s job in life to “feed people”. They are excited to spotlight the farmers within the community that help make their dream a reality. With Jason’s expertise as a builder and Erika’s eye for design, they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into the building of Block Restaurant and can’t wait to serve their community.”









Their head chef has had a passion for food and has been working on improving Utah’s food scene for over 10 years. “He believes that every ingredient in a dish should be tasted and not overwhelmed.” Lucky for us, he will be working with Utah farmers to bring the best ingredients to Block’s table!


Erika and Jason worked hard to hire the most passionate and best employees, and let us tell you… it shows!   


Block participated in our Local Love Giveaway, giving us a $50 gift card to giveaway!! We absolutely love and adore Erika and Jason, and we stand by everything they’ve built their restaurant upon!