October 30, 2014

At Home with Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell Home Lee Industries Gatehouseno1

Rachel Parcell, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger of Pink Peonies, has a signature look that is sophisticated, feminine, and a little wild. So when she came to Gatehouse looking to design the living room in her new Utah home, there were a few things we agreed it must include: lux Lee Industries fabrics in classic designs, a touch of animal print and textures, and of course, PINK, her signature color!

Rachel Parcell Lee Industires

1. Consult

Our showroom includes a variety of spaces, styles and furniture to help you visualize a look that would fit your personal home. Our knowledgeable design team can help identify what your main goals are for the space and offer options to suite your personal needs. We recommend walking around and choosing anything that catches your eye, through this process we begin to understand your personal style and can make recommendations accordingly.

2. In Home Visit

An in home visit allows the designer to visualize how you’d like the space to function. We’ll help you select and customize fabrics, finishes, and accessories that complete and personalize a space that is YOU.

3. Custom Order

Your designer will gather all the details and make your custom order. Lee Industries products are made in the USA, one order at a time. Making your order one of a kind!

4. Install

“Accessorize it!” Rachel knows the power of good accessorizing. Adding the finishing details is the final step in completing your personal look. Once our trained delivery team installs your furniture, our designers can visit with accessories in tow! Frames, fragrances, art, and any last little detail to complete your look.

You deserve a room that reflects you! Come visit Gatehouse and we’ll help your vision come to life! And check out Lee Industries to find a local Lee vendor near you!

Designed by Stephanie Holdaway, Brandalyn Youd, and Chanelle Anderson
Photography by Heather Telford